How does it work?

Identifying talent is a difficult task. Lionstep uses Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to provide efficient recruiting and talent management.

Our visionary research team is constantly working to find the best solutions to the challenges of talent search and management.


With the help of machine learning, vast amounts of data can be used to train algorithms that resemble human behavior.

Our DIGITAL MATCH technology mimics the best-practice of thousands of recruiters to rank the applicants.


We reach beyond the barriers of existing platforms by tracking down technical DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS. By using publicly available data from all over the web we find matching candidates for techy job profiles.

Starting with the information of role and the specific technology used in the position you want to cover, our search algorithm looks for the best matches in this fast-changing environment.

Lionstep team

Customized services:

LIONSTEP also engages in customized projects for companies as well as research projects of universities and schools. Want to get an overview of your companies skill-structure and see if your workforce is ready to engage with emerging technologies?

Your data is safe with us

All data ist hosted in Switzerland and served over encrypted and secure connections.